Railway Stations

Profitable and stable parking solutions for international and regional railway stations

High-frequency environments such as Railway Stations are gateways to the smart city, and require well-organized and efficient systems to achieve a solid return on investment and to offer the quickest hassle-free experience to travelers.

Significant railway network operators have already chosen HUB’s long-term experience in the industry to level up their parking facilities' operations.

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Parking facilities at Railway Stations and nearby Private Car Parks are strategic assets for revenue generation. By implementing custom solutions to optimize parking capacity and efficiency, the facility owners and operators can take advantage of the car parks’ profitability while offering to travelers an efficient and stress-free experience.

  • Adopt top-notch technologies for parking facilities to optimize your investment: HUB offers customized software solutions to achieve revenue results and grant full system continuity in order to avoid transactions issues. Explore JMS!
  • Grant travelers the smoothest parking experience with the implementation of a wide range of flawless third-party integrations such as: pre-booking functionalities, parking guidance systems, and external data sources among others. Explore Pre-Paid Parking!
  • Enable a frictionless parking experience for your visitors thanks to a comprehensive set of touchless and ticketless configurations. Thanks to our combination of proximity and hands-free technologies that do not require touch interaction, you can transform the car park into a safer digitally-enabled facility. Explore our features!

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  • Control and improve the parking capacity thanks to a carefully designed Parking Guidance System and a Dynamic Pricing strategy: combine the car park opening times with different tariffs in order to define variable rates, guide drivers smoothly, and capitalize on peak business periods. You can enhance the most strategic areas of the facility by assessing different parking rates, based on the perceived value of the parking space. Explore our PGS integrations!
  • HUB software solution also provides advanced analytics and rapid reporting: real-time, ad-hoc, current state reporting and analysis of operational data - such as occupancy monitoring, occupancy break down with monthly, transient, commercial and other customers - can be accessed anytime and anywhere, enabling a greater operational efficiency. Explore JMS!
  • Efficiently and easily manage the station's employees parking: thanks to HUB’s Mobile App you can facilitate access and control where employees park their car, to enhance the occupancy management of your facility. The app is also available as White Label, in order to best embody and protect your branding. Discover JPASS!

...and more!

  • Regulate the access to the parking facility to taxi cabs, shared-ride services, transportation network companies, courtesy vehicles, and buses. Ground Transportation System allows airport administration to track, manage and bill off-airport companies for the use of their property
  • At HUB we develop, manufacture, install, and provide after-sales services for integrated, value-added smart parking solutions. Before, during and after selling you can count on our trusted partners and service teams that will meet the evolving demands across the entire lifecycle of your parking asset. Explore our Services!

More than 100 Airports worldwide have already chosen HUB’s long-term experience in the industry to increase their parking facilities' revenues. Read the cases of Airport Kastrup Copenhagen – Denmark, Fort Lauderdale International Airport Hollywood – USA and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport  Atlanta – USA.

The choice of HUB was dictated by the company’s desire to rely on a partner of international standing in its field of expertise, capable of guaranteeing Terminal One Parking the most innovative technologies that the market can offer at present. By choosing HUB, we decided not only to guarantee our users a service of excellence in the daily management of operations, but also to project our structure into the future thanks to the continuous investments that HUB supports for the improvement of technological and IT solutions for the benefit of us managers and our customers.

Guido Prati, President of Terminal One Parking

We are committed to making travel simpler and smarter so this new car parking system combined with our mobile ticket app will mean that customers can complete the whole of their journey without the need of a physical ticket or having to use a payment machine. We also believe this will help give customers greater confidence when they travel by removing the need to contact equipment often touched by many people.

Claire Ansley, Director of Customer Experience at LNER

LNER Stations, UK

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Significant railway network operators across the globe have trusted HUB’s solutions to adopt a profitable, efficient, and reliable parking system for their infrastructure.

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Parking experience

Can high-frequency environments still offer a quick and efficient parking experience? Sure they can! Thanks to HUB’s technologies, travelers can book a parking space and pay in advance throughout online reservations and speed up the entry processing time.

You can also tailor solutions for specific targets: allow companies to pre-buy spaces at the car park for business travelers, so that they can access the station quickly and save more time to work.

Facilitate the parking experience using variable message signs and parking guidance systems to navigate parkers into the right direction, whereas bay monitoring direct them to the free slot identified with green lamps.

Stations and nearby Garages can also adopt LPR technology that allows travelers to enter with a pre-paid ticket or use cashless solutions. Moreover, long range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) solutions grant the quickest ingress and egress experience at the parking facility.

Learn how to ensure the drivers a hassle-free experience! Discover the wide range of additional features to customize the Station can park.

Discover our JPASS app!

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Thanks to an extensive expertise in the railway sector, HUB is capable to provide specific industry technologies for turnkey solutions with proven scalability and reliability. Tell us about your project, we will help you find the optimal, customized solution for the station parking infrastructue!

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