Enhancing logistics through smart parking

The optimization of parking facilities holds significant importance in enhancing the efficiency of logistics and effectively handling a fleet of commercial vehicles. Ensuring convenient entry to expansive service hubs in the logistics sector necessitates a systematic focus.

Which are the main challenges?

Logistic center challenges

Extended waiting times, both inside and outside the logistics center, the search for loading and unloading points, and particularly challenging facility access, require the implementation of solid strategies to ensure streamlined operations and greater efficiency in the intricate logistics activity network.

International regulations challenges

According to international road transport regulations, truckers are required to take breaks at regular intervals for their well-being and to ensure the safety of other road users. It is of utmost importance to provide truck drivers with easy access to parking facilities because the failure to comply with these regulations can also result in hefty fines, leading to financial losses for logistics companies.

What have we achieved?


The JMS system transforms parking-related processes, such as subscription management or transactions, from paper documents to streamlined digital forms. This digital approach simplifies the storage, retrieval, and management of parking-related information, providing a more efficient and digital experience for both parking operators and users.


Delegation involves the ability to automate activities, tasks, or actions to components within the JMS system, reducing the need for human intervention. A clear example is the automation of subscription renewal processes or the automatic management of parking transactions. This way, JMS contributes to optimizing operations, thus enhancing efficiency.

Additional parking services for a top-quality stay

The benefits don’t stop here. Thanks to our technology truck drivers and parking operators can experience a seamless parking encounter:

  • Real-time monitoring for the parking operator
  • Real-time occupancy update on the device that driver is using.
  • Comfortable services for haulers, e.g. personal care, vehicle services, security, and general assistance
  • Clear signposting
  • Adjustable fees

HUB smart solutions

Dual-Level Access System

JMS Business Account regulates access to rest areas for truck drivers through a dual-level system, where drivers have parking subscriptions on their smartphones, and parking operators oversee access control using the dashboard.

Automated Subscription Process

The subscription process is now automated through the app, eliminating the need for manual interactions with parking staff. Users can register, access contracts, choose renewals, and make payments accordingly, with non-renewal resulting in restricted access to rest areas.

Double benefit for truckers and operators

This approach ensures safe and simplified access to rest areas for truckers taking regular breaks. It also enables parking operators to automate procedures, freeing them from administrative tasks related to season ticket renewals and fostering new business relationships with companies utilizing their facilities for truck parking.

Happy truckers...

  • Less driven miles and a safer commute
    By minimizing driven miles, the system not only simplifies access to subscribed rest areas through JMS but also ensures a safer and less stressful commute.
  • Good for the environment and cost-efficient
    Reduced driving time leads to lower CO2 emissions, resulting in a lighter environmental impact and increased cost efficiency, through lower fuel consumption.

… and happy parking operators!

  • Real-time monitoring and data
    JMS provides parking lot owners with real-time monitoring through smart sensors, offering insights into current and historical parking occupancy.
  • GDPR Compliancy
    It ensures customer privacy by securely storing data without distribution to third parties.
  • JMS full visibility on reservations
    Easily integrable into existing systems, JMS also grants full visibility into truck parking facilities, facilitating capacity monitoring and maintaining optimal occupancy levels.

Successful Stories

Many structures have embraced HUB systems to optimize truck management, implementing advanced solutions that enhance operational efficiency:

  • CAAT Logistic Center, Turin (Italy)  | 300+ truck stalls
  • WESTFIELD Shopping Malls, London & Stratford City (UK) | 125+ docks
  • SSTPA European Community project FAAC & HUB combined solution across 5 countries

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