Pre-Pay or Pre-Book your space through online booking reservation system

Is there anything better than driving to a parking facility, already knowing your spot is secured and paid for in advance?

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Is there anything better than driving to a parking facility, already knowing your spot is secured and paid for in advance? That’s why online booking and paying for the parking space is no doubt a useful solution for parkers. And also for parking facilities.

How does pre-paid booking online work?

Online booking systems help customers to easily plan trips in the long run, on a real-time platform where customers can book a secure reservation quickly, pay online and receive an email confirmation.

The booking system takes customers pre-payment for a specific car park along with a customer identifier and details of the paid period (i.e. start and end date/ time). This information is passed onto the Management System. When the pre-paid customers arrive at the car park they identify themselves using:

-License Plate

-Barcode Identifier Number (including 2D or QR barcodes that can be read from a smartphone)

-Credit card number (subject to the local credit card rules)

Why choosing a pre-paid parking online system?

Online pre-paid parking means benefits for drivers: they can easily book a spot and pay for it in advance, for a hassle-free parking experience - that is further elevated in the case of a ticketless access to the parking facility.

Pre-paid parking online is one of the most convenient options for a customer, making it much easier to find, enter and exit the lot. Offering customers a better experience helps to increase their loyalty to the facility.

For the car park operator, an online booking system can be a crucial tool in assessing, monitoring and optimizing the car park capacity – and if they need to adjust traffic flow, open up additional space or lay on extra staff. Moreover, parking digital ticketing removes the need for staff to handle payment transactions on site, as well as issues that might potentially arise. Pre-paid parking online also gives parking operators data to analyze and forecast customers behavior, and enables them to develop specific strategies accordingly.

Parking reservation systems prove to generate more revenue to parking facilities. A pre-paid parking system can also be embedded into the facility website to allow customers to book directly there, and immediately drive revenue. For the park operator, the main advantage comes from the payment being secured through the online transaction, and the customer commitment ensured.

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